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Mosaic project installation, August 2014

Tannum Blue was proud to fund an art initiative as an opportunity for Tannum Sands State High School students to gain real life experience creating an art installation for their local community.

A mosaic art installation created by the students was unveiled in a pathway, which will eventually link up to the school oval, within the Tannum Blue estate on Friday 22nd August.

The team at Tannum Blue believe initiatives like these are important for the ongoing growth and sense of community at Tannum Blue in Tannum Sands.

Janie Petersen, the local artist working with students on the mosaic art project, said it was a pleasure to watch the students embrace the wonderful opportunity of creating a public piece of art that will last for many years to come.

"I love sharing my passion about art with other people and I'm amazed by the outcome of the Tannum Blue mosaic project considering that none of the students had ever created a mosaic before," Ms Petersen said.

"The amount of learning that was going on right from the start of the school year including the history of mosaics, the design phase of their art works, all the way to the many stages of creating the mosaic has been huge."

The public art installations are part of a community development program devised by Economic Development Queensland to provide locals with a sense of ownership and pride within residential communities like Tannum Blue.