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September 2017: A quick Q&A with our agents

We sat down for a fun Q&A with our local agents Alicia and Lynda from Locations Estate Agents.

Alicia and Lynda from Locations Estate Agents

What do you love about living in Gladstone?

Alicia: I love Gladstone because it's a port city. We have reef, beaches, right here on our doorstep. It's very family friendly, plenty of stuff going on for Gladstone, and I think there is going to be a lot of prosperity in the future too.
Lynda: I've lived here for my whole dad was actually born here as well so we've got a few generations here. It's home. I do enjoy going to know, the city kind of lifestyle, but it's nice to come home. It's a bit more relaxed here.

What is something that people would be surprised to know about you?

L: My first job was at McDonalds. I was actually there about 8 years and I worked my way up from Crewperson to Store Manager.
A: Um, well...(laughs)...
L: [You're a] Crazy cat lady! (both laugh)
A: Yeah, we'll go with that. That's probably the nicer one I could think of!

What is on your bucket list?

L: I'd eventually love to do a bit more travel, probably after we've had kids. I'd like to go to America and Europe one day.
A: For me, I guess it's a little bit cliché but Machu Picchu. I like it, it's mountainous, it looks amazing.

What is your favourite food?

L: This is a really hard one. I love sweet potato - it's very versatile (laughs).
A: Actually, that is not a lie - if there's sweet potato chips on a menu Lynda is all over it! Obviously mine is chocolate and champagne.

What is your favourite interior design trend?

L: It's really hard to pinpoint one, I really like the mid-century modern look.
A: I'm not really a trend person, but I'm definitely minimalist. Anything clean lines, streamlined kitchens - actually #streamlinedkitchens because I'm pretty sure that's going to be trending in 2017!

What do you like to do on your days off?

A: Days off? (both laugh) Well the last time I had a day off, I think I went to a wedding. But in all seriousness, I think just quiet time. When you're dealing with people 24/7, you're engaged with social media, the phone, public - everything - it's nice just to chill out at home.
L: Definitely, and catch up on the housework...that gets neglected!

If you could have dinner with any one person, who would they be and why?

L: This is a tricky one but probably Corey Parker (laughs).
A: Corey Parker, if you're watching...we have a serial stalker (laughs).
L: No! I wouldn't go that far...but I'd like to have a meal with him!
A: If I had to go for one person...maybe Mark Bouris. He's probably a secret business crush that I have. He's a really skilled entrepreneur and I have a lot of respect for what he has to say.

If you could jump on a plane right now, where would you go?

A: I'm gonna say Sydney. I really enjoyed Sydney the last time I was down there, plenty of cool things to go see and do. Manly Wharf is amazing on a Friday, I just have to say.
L: Well, I'm booked to go to Canberra later this year, so bringing it forward might be nice...go and see my sister.

November 2016: Tannum Blue Expo 4680

Come down to the Calliope River Historical Village on Saturday 19 November from 2 - 9 pm for the inaugural Tannum Blue Expo 4680.

Come and visit us at our stand and enter into our Snap, Tag and Win competition *Terms and Conditions apply

We are very excited to be supporting this community event and all profits will be going to the RSPCA Gladstone. For more details visit Tannum Blue Expo 4680

Tannum Blue Expo 4680

August 2016: Tannum Sands High School Construction 

Tannum Blue has supported Tannum Sands State High School (TSSHS) by enabling them to purchase $3000 worth of new tools for the Certificate 1 in Resource Infrastructure Skills course and students completing a Certificate II in Workplace Practices .

Students built five, timber market stall tables for Council's CBD Pop-up Enterprise trial helped by this funding. Hands on learning around the school is a win-win, with the students embarking on a concreting project for a future seating area.

The school based construction course will develop projects both in-house and for the local community, with students also learning about costing out jobs whilst building a skill set for the future for themselves. 

Mark Hodge (teacher) with student Jaques Nisbet
A selection of the tools purchased
Jaques Nisbet using the new tools
Aeron Gabay working on the project


August 2016: Tannum Sands Kindergarten Fundraising

Tannum Blue supported the annual Tannum Sands Kindergarten Ladies Garden Party held at Kalori Training and Conference Centre, Tannum Sands. The day was a great success with lots of fun had by all and funds raised going to support the kindergarten


Thank you Tannum Blue

View the photos from the photo booth at the event 

November 2015: Tannum Sands SHS VET Project

Tannum Blue Estate donated shrubs to the Tannum Sands State High School‘s wilderness to wonderland CQUniversity VET in Schools Certificate I in Construction program.

Fifteen year 11 and 12 boy students participated in the program building a bridge, garden, pathway and pergola at a rear entrance to the school property as part of the twelve week program.

Tannum Sands State High School vocational co-ordinator Todd Comrie said the school appreciated Tannum Blue Estate’s donation for the area and to the program.

29 November 2015: Welcoming Intercultural Neighbours Inc (WIN)

Tannum Blue Estate recently supported the Welcoming Intercultural Neighbours Inc (WIN) volunteer and family event held on Sunday 29 November.

The successful event was organised to thank the many WIN members and volunteers for their contribution throughout the year and to celebrate the year’s end.

Tannum Blue welcomes all local groups to use the parks in Tannum Blue and HillClose for their activities and events.

15 August 2015: Tannum Sands Kindergarten Garden Party

Tannum Blue supported the Tannum Sands Kindergarten Garden Party event held on Saturday 15th August.

The event was a great day out, after many months of organising the Kindergarten held a very successful event – thanks for letting Tannum Blue be a part of the afternoon!

The event help raise approximately $17,500, what a great achievement!


August 2015: Community Newsletter No. 9

The Tannum Blue Community Newsletter (No.9, September 2015) has been released. Download edition 9 now, or view past community newsletters.

May 2015: Community Newsletter No. 8

The Tannum Blue Community Newsletter (No.8, May 2015) has been released. Download edition 8 now, or view past community newsletters.

26 April 2015: Gladstone Home & Leisure Expo

Gladstone Home & Leisure Expo

The Tannum Blue team had a fantastic day at the Gladstone Home & Leisure Expo on 26th April 2015.  We talked to quite a number of people interested in knowing more about the estate.

November 2014: Halloween in the Park

Tannum Blue Hallowe'en 2014

The residents of Tannum Blue celebrated Halloween in the park last week with some kids creepy-craft activities, eerie entertainment and freaky fun! See photos of spooky spectres and gruesome ghouls!


November 2014: Twilight Markets

Tannum Blue Twilight Markets, November 2014

There were clothes, soaps, chutneys, honey, enviro products and much more on sale with beautiful music playing in the background and a jumping castle and pirate ship for the kids at the Tannum Blue Twilight Markets. See images from the Markets.


23 August 2014: Music in the Park

Music in the park

The Music in the Park event, in celebration of Seniors Week, was a great way to welcome the Tannum Sands community to sit back, relax and enjoy an afternoon of music within the Tannum Blue estate. View the images from Music in the Park.


August 2014: St Francis Grade 5 School Excursion

St Francis School students visit Tannum Blue

Grade 5 St Francis School students visited the Tannum Blue estate to learn about survival in the Australian Environment. The students were guided by Boyds Bay Environmental Services Director John Bruun to identify adaptations, dryland and wetlands influences, the relationship between parent and juvenile trees, and different vegetation types. See images of the students at work.

August 2014: Mosaic Art Project Installation

Mosaic pathway installation

Tannum Blue was proud to fund an art initiative as an opportunity for Tannum Sands State High School students to gain real life experience creating an art installation for their local community.

A mosaic art installation created by the students was unveiled in a pathway, which will eventually link up to the school oval, within the Tannum Blue estate on Friday 22nd August.

See images of the artists and their work.

8 July 2014: Canoe Point Outrigging Club

Good luck to the Canoe Point Outriggers' from all of the team at Tannum Blue! We hope your new V1 canoe helps in achieving your goals!

8 July 2014: Tannum Sands State High School Art project

A group of Tannum Sands State High School students are learning how to make mosaics with art teacher Daniel Hartmann & artist Janie Petersen which will feature in a pathway at the Tannum Blue estate.

The students have almost finished turning their designs into mosaics. As you can see some vibrant and original ideas starting to take shape! The pathway will be completed in the next couple of months.


August 2013: Snap to Win winners

Madison Sharpe – category winner – people - and Grand Prize Winner

Brooke Mackie – category winner – places

Melanie Robertson – category winner – nature

Madison Sharpe – category winner – people - and Grand Prize WinnerBrooke Mackie – category winner – placesMelanie Robertson – category winner – nature


Thank you to everyone who participated in the competition.

Received entries