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Energy Efficient Homes

Experience climate control in your living room

  • Live in comfort all year round
  • Experience lower energy bills saving you money every year
  • Maintain an ideal living temperature
  • Control your costs and increase your home's liveability
  • Never walk in to a hot, locked up house again

Key features

  • Automated climate control
  • Temperature and humidity sensors to guide comfort levels
  • Solar panels
  • Energy monitoring and management

How the system works

Monitoring your budget and energy use

Your energy consumption, temperatures and humidity levels are recorded with this system and can be viewed at anytime.

How much will having this system save me per year?

Save up to $2,000^ per year
2 bedroom home = $500 to $1,300
4 bedroom home = $800 to $2,100

Please note: savings are larger when your home, with this system, uses a hot water heat pump which is run off your solar panel energy. Savings also depend on how much energy is used during the day. We have assumed 40%. Yearly savings are approximately $300-$600 less if the home doesn’t have a heat pump.

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^Approximate operational cost saving based on comparison with a typical new home.